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This week’s theme is…(drumroll)…Um, well, there is no theme.  It’s another hodgepodge of rants and raves and nonsense-ical babbling.  (I’ll take Aimless Rambling for $1000, Alex.)  Since it’s the beginning of December, I suppose I could go on about all … Continue reading

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My Bad

So…bad behavior. I’m kind of like Micki and Jillian in that I was a pretty good kid. I didn’t get into trouble, most of the time because I had my nose shoved in a book. In high school, when my … Continue reading

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Bad Girls and Goody-Goodies

This week we’re supposed to talk about the bad stuff we got into back in those good ol’ school days.  I’ve got a problem here.  I was a goody-goody who hung out with other goody-goodies.  Which also means my dating … Continue reading

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Favorite Teachers – Guest Fox Chris Bailey

                               Introducing Guest Fox Chris Bailey                                                    By Jeff Salter              I first ‘met’ Chris Bailey shortly after joining RWA’s Chick Lit Chapter in the spring of 2010.  But I first encountered her professionalism and thoroughness when we teamed up … Continue reading

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Who Said History Is Boring

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my favorite classes. I alluded to a history professor who made history fun for me. So it should come as no surprise that he’s one of my favorite teachers. Dr. S was … Continue reading

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Favorite Teacher- Mrs. Mac

This one is hands down easy for me. My first grade teacher was Mrs. McGadney. I love, love, love her. She’s an amazing woman and so very brave. I didn’t even know it at the time, but she really was. … Continue reading

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“Hold on a sec.  It’s in here somewhere.”  (Digs through backpack.)  “Ah-ha!  Here it is.” Picture me waving an excuse note for my tardiness in posting.    Blame it on the not-so-smallish people living in my house, eating my food,  and … Continue reading

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Henry VIII and Newts

I didn’t start enjoying school until I was in college. Well, for the most part at least. I liked certain classes and excelled in them, but the instant my butt hit the desk seat in a math or science class … Continue reading

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When Am I Ever Going to Use This Crap in Real Life?

“Please?  Just five more minutes?  Awww, do I have to?  I don’t wanna go back to school.  The kids there just laugh and make fun of me.” Sound like your middle-schooler?  Your reluctant teen tossing the covers back over their … Continue reading

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Too Young to Have Nerves

This week the kids in my parish went back to school. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I noticed kids in uniforms loitering in the neighborhood as they waited for the bus. Of course, when I was … Continue reading

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