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The Strain of a Train is a Pain

                                      … and a Drain on my Brain                                                            By Jeff Salter             We’re talking trains and my only significant rail experience was travel to a family wedding in April, 2002.  This version is GREATLY condensed — the original was … Continue reading

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It’s Always A Book

I’ve been mighty absent of late and I apologize. Today though, I’m back with a list of things I’ve loaned to never be seen again. The first is a book called A Basket of Wishes by Rebecca Paisley. I’m an … Continue reading

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OMG! It’s time for RWA and New York City!

Come on.  You know this one.  Sing with me.  (Or at least sing loud enough to cover up my attempt at singing.) “Start spreading the news.  I’m leaving today.  I want to be a part of it. New York!  NEW YOOOOORRRRK!” … Continue reading

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