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Do you shop at what they call “Big Box” stores? When I lived where there was a great many choices for shopping, I avoided Walmart at all costs. I went there twice, and I think that both times were to … Continue reading

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Dressing for the Occasion

I posed this week’s question: “Do you dress in any particular color or style for holidays or special days?” I believe that I was misunderstood by some. I did not meant to ask about ‘dressing-up’ for holidays. I wondered if … Continue reading

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Deck the Halls… or Not

This week one of our foxes asked, “How early do you start shopping/decorating for the holidays?” I’ve never been one to spend much time decorating our house. I suppose it’s because I probably spend less time in my home than … Continue reading

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But We’ve Always Done it THIS Way…

This week’s topic is Thanksgiving traditions. I looked up the word tradition because I wasn’t sure exactly what length of time a particular way of doing things had to exist before it became a tradition. Of course, none of my … Continue reading

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Verily, My List Varies

The question this time around is: What’s on our shopping list this week and why? Actually, I could give one obvious answer every week: whatever is on sale, which answers both parts of the question. Food fan that I have … Continue reading

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Shopping? Me?

I am somewhat spoiled. In the thirty-five years I’ve known my husband, I have cooked possibly a dozen meals. That’s because hubby does almost ALL the cooking. He always got home from work almost three hours before I did, and … Continue reading

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This is not a picture of me, but it certainly reflects how I feel at the moment. Christmas is knocking at the door and I am obsessing over all the stuff I have not gotten done. The annual holiday letter … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, Shopping, and Decorations

                                                   A Piece of My Mind                                                            By Jeff Salter              Our topic this week gives me a lot of wiggle room.  I’ll start with a wrap-up of Thanksgiving Day and the days around it.  Thanksgiving             We had 16 … Continue reading

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After Thanksgiving

I’m glad it’s over. I was determined to have a nice time and it started out great and then denigrated to a horrible day. I don’t want to relive it but suffice it to say, the day ended with me in a … Continue reading

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday.  It’s the equally frenzied but far less violent cousin of Black Friday for the coffee-cup-and-pajama-shopper set.  By now, most of us have at least heard of the crazy woman who pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers in … Continue reading

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