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Guest Author: Melissa Keir

This week is set aside for guest authors, and it just happened that my friend and fellow Michigander Melissa Keir recently received an award that we were pretty impressed with, so I asked her how someone from our area managed to … Continue reading

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Summertime Barbecue and Family Fun

This is a free week! I decided to write about an event I attended this weekend. It involves two of my favorite activities: performing and eating! One of the advantages of living in West Michigan is that in less than … Continue reading

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Make Your Stories Plausible,Please

I’m running late this week, something unusual for me but then, it’s been an unusual month altogether. I had planned on having a guest author, but two were not available and time got away to check with others. It really … Continue reading

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Stranger Conversations

We’re talking about talking to people who are strangers or those who we hardly know this week. Iris started my thoughts out by talking about talking about the weather. People always used to say that it was a ‘safe’ subject,(as … Continue reading

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