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Haunted Houses

When I saw the topic this week, I did a little, “Uh oh.”  The question was if we’d ever visited a house that was reportedly haunted.  This would be the shortest blog post ever because my answer would be a … Continue reading

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Creepy Neighbors

Ooops!  I wrote this earlier and thought I’d posted it.  My bad. For a person who has moved 9 times in a 20 year span, you’d think I’d have my fair share of creepy neighbors to talk about, but alas, … Continue reading

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Danger Will Robinson!

This week’s topic is about a time our lives were in danger.  (Not collectively, of course, but I’d bet THAT would make for an interesting blog week.)  My inner four year old says, “The orange snake.  Definitely the orange snake.”  … Continue reading

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