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Didn’t Travel on Summer Vacations

By Jeff Salter  We’re blogging about summer vacations this week. When I was a kid, my family didn’t take vacations during the summer.  But we surely did travel a lot during the late Spring, when school was still in session. … Continue reading

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Last Week of School

With the exception of taking finals, I enjoyed those last few days of school.  Books were turned in, no homework, and have the class wouldn’t show.  It was during those few days that I learned my teachers were…GASP…HUMAN!  I don’t … Continue reading

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School’s Out, Summer Fun is In

Traditionally here in the piece of the world we call paradise, we have an end of the school year party at the beach! I have many memories of those end of year blasts and the one I’m going to share … Continue reading

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I am breaking ranks, people.  We’re supposed to talk about Memorial Day and instead of rehashing whatever I babbled about last year, I’m talking about something different.  Don’t know what because this Wednesday snuck right up on me and thanks … Continue reading

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Conference Junkies Anonymous

Hi.  My name is Micki and I’m a conference junkie. Hello, Micki.  (Must be said in monotone chorus by fellow junkies.) Who are we kidding?  There’d be nothing anonymous or monotonous about our meetings.  Chances are we conference junkies would … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland. Not.

I think the majority of us here on Four Foxes, One Hound are from the south. I’m no exception. For me, the best part of the year is around November because that’s usually when the cooler weather heads our way. … Continue reading

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Winter Blues

This week’s topic is how we feel about winter, but I admit I’m not inspired to write about that this week in light of last Friday’s tragedy.  The short version is that winter is my least favorite season.  Native Floridian … Continue reading

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Happiest Place On Earth

Before I get going on this week’s blog topic (best job/worst job), I want to apologize for my summer slackerdom.  Sometimes I was gone physically, others mentally.  But now that the school year has started back for my rascals, I’m … Continue reading

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Try Your Hand

I was so glad that I became the “Friday” Fox, as I was not sure what was expected and I had all week to check what everyone else was doing for “Writing Prompt”. However, all the others took it at … Continue reading

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Countdown to Memorial Day

I have a dirty little secret.  Well, maybe not super secret.  It’s not like I’m dressed in black sneaking around a la John Belushi in “Animal House” when he goes to spy on the sorority chicks.  It’s more of the … Continue reading

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