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You want me to what?

When I saw this topic, my first thought was Oh dear! I have no idea. I stopped watching interview shows a few years ago when they devolved into gotcha sessions and arguments. I wanted to learn about the point of … Continue reading

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TV Stars I’d Like To Meet

… Though some of them have already passed away By Jeff Salter This week we’re discussing favorite TV actors and/or actresses we really wish we could meet.  I can think of many, and only a few are still alive. Red … Continue reading

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I’m a Guest Star on WHICH TV Show?

Which TV Show of the Past Would I Like to Appear On? By Jeff Salter LOL. Well, this answer has changed over the years. As a young boy, I would have wanted to be on nearly any of the numerous … Continue reading

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No TV Interviews for Me

… Because I don’t want to be badgered or baited By Jeff Salter This week is about whether we’d like a NYC [or west coast studio] television interview … and if so, by whom. Leave me out of it. All … Continue reading

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Me? On Tee-Vee?

 Lights! Camera! Action! By Jeff Salter I would NEVER be on what is termed “reality” TV — where I believe (generally) untalented people are placed in preposterous situations (that viewers are supposed to believe are “real”) and then fed lines … Continue reading


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My Big Bang Theory

OMG – we’re talking TV. Hallelujah. I used to work at a TV station in Germany, like yonks ago, and loved it. The atmosphere was just bizarre. Anyway – today’s question: If you were a key figure in a TV … Continue reading

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My Conversation with Shakespeare… Among Others

By Jeff Salter What would I say to (or ask of) my favorite famous authors (even if long gone)? Keep reading. William Shakespeare Let’s start with the Immortal Bard. I’d thank him for about half of his plays and tell … Continue reading

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Micki Ain’t Got Time For That

It’s late and I’ve been agonizing over this week’s topic for quite a while now.  The question posed was, “Have you ever gone on a craze about a certain old series you loved and watched all the episodes back to … Continue reading

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Star Trek

                                                      Capt. Kirk: You’d make a splendid computer, Mr. Spock.                                                       Spock: [taken aback] That is very kind of you, Captain! ~ Return of the Archons ~~~~~  Kirk: My friend is obviously Chinese. I see you’ve noticed the ears. They’re … … Continue reading

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Star Wars

Star Wars Well, not wars, exactly. This week the topics-list said that we were to pick a movie star, past or present, that we’d like to hang out with…and why. That is a very hard choice for all of us, … Continue reading

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