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You’d Better Believe It

Yes, I Re-Read My Own Books By Jeff Salter This week’s topic is whether we read our own books. My answer: absolutely yes. But let me qualify that response by explaining the difference between a WORKING read and a PLEASURE … Continue reading

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Promoting The Overnighter’s Secrets

By Jeff Salter This week is open for, among other things, promotion!  My first published novel (though my seventh to complete), “The Overnighter’s Secrets”, was released May 24 last year by Astraea Press.  I’ve been calling it romantic suspense; my … Continue reading

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Free Space Equals Free Advertising

                     Re-introducing “The Overnighter’s Secrets”                                                           By Jeff Salter             Like some of the Resident Foxes, I’m taking advantage of our ‘Free Space’ week to talk about my novel, “The Overnighter’s Secrets”, published this past May by Astraea Press.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Back-Story: The Overnighter’s Secrets

                                                         By Jeff Salter              On Apr. 30 this year, I was proofing galleys for “The Overnighter’s Secrets”.  Why do I highlight that bit of info?  Because, on Apr. 30, one YEAR ago, I was standing in my friend’s garage … Continue reading

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