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My Toy

This week’s topic is our favorite toys as a grown-up. On our chart, it says, “adult” toys and Micki and I had a giggle over that, but that’s all I’m going to say here. Mine isn’t really a toy but … Continue reading

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Huh?  What?  It’s Monday?  (Leaps out of bed, rubbing eyes, mumbles incoherently)  For blasted sakes, why didn’t that alarm go off?  Stupid tryptopan coma. Okay, I admit.  I knew it was Monday, but I forgot about the Monday blog.  Throw … Continue reading


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Creepy ‘Locals’

M absolutely creepiest neighbor was a real nut-job in my neighborhood when I was young, and there is a really funny story stemming from him about my father, but the funny part involves food and I said I’d break from … Continue reading

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