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Is There FAIRness in the World?

 Is there a place that you have traveled to when you were younger that you wish you could visit again? You can pretty much read Elaine’s Wednesday post, with some of Patty’s from Monday and Angie’s from Tuesday, since they … Continue reading

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A Hop, Skip, and a Jump

Our traditions are pretty typical family get-togethers for Christmas and New Years. On New Year’s Eve 1999, we flew home to Seattle from Florida. According to our scheduled flight times, we would arrive in Seattle by 8 pm well ahead … Continue reading

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Feet, Wheels, or Wings?

Our usual methods of travel are limited to our feet, our bikes, and our car. We live in a small town and most places are within walking distance. Occasionally, we opt for driving when we could walk because of the … Continue reading

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“There’ll Be Some Changes Made”

“If I were suddenly a bestselling author with lots of fame & royalties… how might my life and/or my typical days be different?” That is the question of the week. Well, I think I covered what I would do altruistically … Continue reading

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My Big Bang Theory

OMG – we’re talking TV. Hallelujah. I used to work at a TV station in Germany, like yonks ago, and loved it. The atmosphere was just bizarre. Anyway – today’s question: If you were a key figure in a TV … Continue reading

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Marriages – they mature slowly

Fear is incomplete knowledge. ~~ Agatha Christie Free week here on 4F1H. Now I could talk about St Patrick’s Day, which is on the 17th March, but I suppose I did that last year. How much can one add to … Continue reading

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Phone Home …

This is this week’s question: Would you want to travel into outer space? Why or why not? Any particular planet or destination? Initial answer – no way! But I can’t just say no, otherwise today’s post would be boring. Why … Continue reading

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Sayonara 2013…Bon Jour 2014!

Happy New Year!  I’m scooting in under the wire for the first day of 2014, but I have been traveling over the past several days from one end of Florida to practically the other and back again.  Sorry if my … Continue reading

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Auld Lang Syne … and Welcome 2014

Hard to believe, it’s the last week of 2013! Wow! Another year older. Another year wiser? Theme for this week, as we’ve already reflected on the “old” year, is: What do you hope for 2014? It’s a bit humbling to … Continue reading

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Life Is an Advent Season

It feels like only yesterday that we celebrated the new year. Right? Well, 2013 has been exciting, challenging, daunting and everything else, but we’ve made it through and on today’s topic list is “Reflect on the year that has been”. … Continue reading

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