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POP Go the References

When we were discussing advice to young, new or would-be writers, I omitted some pieces of advice. One is: Avoid ‘pop’ references. As far as I am concerned, they age your work and make it seem irrelevant very quickly. Of … Continue reading

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TV Stars I’d Like To Meet

… Though some of them have already passed away By Jeff Salter This week we’re discussing favorite TV actors and/or actresses we really wish we could meet.  I can think of many, and only a few are still alive. Red … Continue reading

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The Toy I Enjoy

We’re talking about our favorite ‘toys’ as adults.(It had been listed as ‘favorite adult toys’, but we have moved beyond that. Yes, we have.) I’m sitting at what is mine, but the computer and Internet are not simply toys any … Continue reading

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Good Actor, But No Oscar

We’re talking about famous people we have met, or seen, in person…in the interest of a good story, I will tell  my most embarrassing celeb encounter. Without going into too much detail, the year 2000 was not good for us, … Continue reading

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