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Walker Percy’s Thanatos Syndrome

Percy’s Look at a Dystopian Society By Jeff Salter I can’t claim that Walker Percy ever used the term “dystopian” to describe this novel or its prequel, but this pair of novels is what I thought of when we received … Continue reading

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Exhilaration, Validation, and then Let-Down

How I’ve Felt After Publications By Jeff Salter This week, we’re talking about how we’ve felt after our first few bylines or publications. I need to preface all this by clarifying that as long as I can remember, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Encounter with a fan

By Jeff Salter We have an interesting topic this week, one which presumably every serious writer has at least considered — what would be an ideal encounter with a fan of your writing? How NOT to react Well, let me … Continue reading

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Sharing Books & Stories

By Jeff Salter As sometimes happens, my take on this 4F1H weekly topic may veer a bit. In discussing books (and stories) I’ve shared with friends or family, I’m not taking the “share” part too literally. In other words, with … Continue reading

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Books I’d Like to See On the Screen

By Jeff Salter In these recent five years of networking with numerous authors, I’ve read more books – and a greater variety of types – than at any time in my past… with the possible exception of three years I … Continue reading

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Letters to My Literary Hero

By Jeff Salter I could talk about several fan letters – including one to JFK, an unlikely one to Jackie Gleason, and one I’d intended to write to Ginger Rogers (before she passed away) – but since this week’s topic … Continue reading

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Famous People

…Whom I’ve Known, Met, or Seen in Person By Jeff Salter Well, I’m not normally a name-dropper, but I have had quite a few brushes – though some rather distant – with famous people.  There’s insufficient space here for a … Continue reading

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Surviving Rejection

        Maybe We’ll Get the Last Laugh After All                                     By Jeff Salter             Let’s narrow the scope of ‘rejection’.             Many of us have endured rejection such as being turned down for a date, not making the cut in drama … Continue reading

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Favorite Titles & Books I’d Read Again

I Rarely Read My Favorites More Than Once                               By Jeff Salter              This topic was a bit of a ‘stumper’ for me.  Like Danica, most of my books seem like adopted children (whom I protect and treasure).  But like Jillian, … Continue reading

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Most Influential Books … Which Shaped Me As a Writer

 An Inspirational Series, a Famous Hometown Author, and a Writer Who Made me Laugh                     By Jeff Salter             Wow.  So many possibilities.  No way I can limit this to a single title.  So I’ll talk about a series and … Continue reading

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