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Guest Fox Dana Romanin

Welcome to Dana By Jeff Salter Delighted to welcome my new colleague at Clean Reads – Dana Romanin – just a few days before her first YA novel is set for release. Dana, who had a birthday only yesterday, has … Continue reading

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This week’s theme is…(drumroll)…Um, well, there is no theme.  It’s another hodgepodge of rants and raves and nonsense-ical babbling.  (I’ll take Aimless Rambling for $1000, Alex.)  Since it’s the beginning of December, I suppose I could go on about all … Continue reading

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On your mark, get set….

Wait!  Don’t go!  At least not yet.  It’s not November.  And anyone who’s spent much time in the writing world knows that November is National Novel Writing Month.  NaNoWriMo for short.  Even shorter, NaNo.  Funny that we get lazy and … Continue reading

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When Am I Ever Going to Use This Crap in Real Life?

“Please?  Just five more minutes?  Awww, do I have to?  I don’t wanna go back to school.  The kids there just laugh and make fun of me.” Sound like your middle-schooler?  Your reluctant teen tossing the covers back over their … Continue reading

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Back To School: The Lead-up

All across the country, kids are getting ready to go back to school.  Some start tomorrow, some not until after Labor Day.  My own rascals have two more weeks left of freedom and they have mixed emotions.  As for me, … Continue reading

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She hates me

Did you ever get that grade on a test where you studied so hard for the test and you get it back and all you can think is, “What the…?!”  Or perhaps you got the A even though you weren’t … Continue reading

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The Heat of the Critique

It’s mid-July in Florida which means hot and humid.  Last week I talked about rejections and how much they sting, but a bad critique burns.  Shoot, even the good critiques can be tough.  The first time I had something critiqued … Continue reading

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