Joselyn Vaughn

IMG_9983 (1280x853)-001I am a stay at home mom whose kids are too rapidly approaching the age where I will become the taxi mom. I’m going to have to learn how to use mobile devices more effectively as we travel from soccer to gymnastics to baseball and dance.

I love sewing. I make everything from bags to clothes, although clothes aren’t always successful. The last dress I made looks like something Santa’s helper would wear, so if you need me in a Christmas pageant, I have a costume. I also enjoy running (a lot). It’s really necessary to burn off the crazy. I need to take a rest day once a week, but I’m quite twitchy by the end of that day (be warned!)

I write all my first drafts by hand and will take my notebook just about anywhere with me, just in case. For some reason, the thoughts flow more smoothly with ink than with typing. (Although that could be because the R key on my keyboard sticks, and makes writing anything about shirts a bit dangerous.)

I would love to connect with you. Visit my website for my contact links: Http://