My Name is Bond, James Bond

O – M – G …. It’s finally here!

It’s Bond, James Bond Month here on Four Foxes and a Hound!

And I’m very excited.

Since I can remember I loved the James Bond movies. Saturday nights, everyone went to the clubs, except me. I know, weird and strange, but I couldn’t have cared less!

So – this is going to be a whole month all relating to my buddy James and today we’re starting with Your Favourite James Bond Movies. Can you see that? They put an ‘s’ at the end, so I don’t have to struggle with the decision to just tell you my favourite, but my favourites.

But before I can choose, here a list of the contenders:

1. Dr. No (1962-Sean Connery)

2. From Russia With Love (1963-Sean Connery)

3. Goldfinger (1964-Sean Connery)

4. Thunderball (1965-Sean Connery)

5. You Only Live Twice (1967-Sean Connery)

6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969-George Lazenby)

7. Diamonds Are Forever (1971-Sean Connery)

8. Live and Let Die (1973-Roger Moore)

9. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974-Roger Moore)

10. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977-Roger Moore)

11. Moonraker (1979-Roger Moore)

12. For Your Eyes Only (1981-Roger Moore)

13. Octopussy (1983-Roger Moore)

14. A View to a Kill (1985-Roger Moore)

15. The Living Daylights (1987-Timothy Dalton)

16. Licence to Kill (1989-Timothy Dalton)

17. Golden Eye (1995-Pierce Brosnan)

18. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997-Pierce Brosnan)

19. The World is Not Enough (1999-Pierce Brosnan)

20. Die Another Day (2002-Pierce Brosnan)

21. Casino Royale (2006-Daniel Craig)

22. Quantum of Solace (2008-Daniel Craig)

23. Skyfall (2012-Daniel Craig)

My favourite Bond is without a doubt Pierce Brosnan, but I have to say, my favourite Bond movies are Skyfall and Casino Royale. I love them and I can watch them over and over.

What are your favourite Bond movies?


About Iris B

Iris Blobel writes warm, sexy, and sometimes witty Australian Contemporary Romance books for readers who, like herself, still strongly believe in love and Happily Ever Afters. And she knows HEAs. Her couples are hungry for life, done with the past, passionate about family, and emotionally hopeful for a future. The stories are mainly set in Australia but also in New Zealand and even the US, depending on where her travels take her. She loves nothing more than for her readers to join her on her journeys.
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18 Responses to My Name is Bond, James Bond

  1. pjharjo says:

    You’ve already read my favorites, any with Sean Connery. That’s where we differ in our likes. 🙂


  2. Tonette Joyce says:

    Glad you are having fun with this ,Iris. Well,I see that ALL are your favorites…which is even MORE fun! You will just have to wait to the end of every week to find out my ideas. It was too good an idea to pass up when we found that Hound,Thursday Hound, would like to be 007 and that you and I were huge fans. I hope we all have a great time with this.I am looking forward to everyone’s opinion on all-things Bond.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Glad you typed up the list, which will save me time on Thursday!
    Did you deliberately leave out “Never Say Never Again”? I know some people don’t include that one because a diff. producer did it (or something). It was Connery’s return to Bond after several years away.
    Of course, I can’t say too much here, or I’ll spill all my beans, but I will agree with you that Pierce B. did an excellent job in his films, at least in the two that I’ve seen of his. For some reason, I missed a couple of his and several of Roger’s.


    • Tonette Joyce says:

      “Never Say Never Again” was the result of a long, dragged-out fight over the rights to Thunderball. The fellow who had the rights wanted all of the Bond pie that he had no right to.He fought and fought and simply re-made it as “NSNA”.Sean Connery did it out of spite for some contention he had with Cubby Broccoli and his own ego.He did call and patch things up with Broccoli when the man was dying. S.C. did owe him a lot, and he realized it.
      [Info thanks to “The Ultimate Bond”]


    • Iris B says:

      See, you always learn. I did not know about Never Say Never Again. Shame on me! I wonder how much more I’m going to learn this month?
      And as for the list …. *sighs* …. for some reasons I had heaps of trouble getting this post done, I’m surprised I haven’t left out more. I think at some stage I had forgotten about the Aussie Bond Lazenby …. HOW COULD I ?? LOL …. not that he was a memorable one …

      Tonette …. interesting …


      • jeff7salter says:

        Another film based on the Bond book, Casino Royale, was a really awful spoof which featured David Niven as Bond. But I think there were a half dozen other actors playing Bond in that same film. I don’t know what possessed them to use Fleming’s character and title but make a stewed-up mess of it.


      • Iris B says:

        I’m not very good with the older movies, so I can’t say I know that one, which wouldn’t surprise me, because I don’t really like David Niven.
        From memory, I think the producer had the rights to CR but Saltzman and Broccoli weren’t interested in co-production. Connery had asked for too much, so they ended up making a spoof.
        I think it was a massive amount changing hands when MGM finally got the rights for CR in the late 90s


      • jeff7salter says:

        so it sounds like they did their best, in that renegade EARLY version of C.R. to convince the public that the franchise wasn’t worth watching. I know that film is unbelievably stupid … and not even funny stupid. Just stupid.


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    My favorite Bond movies are the same as yours, Skyfall #1 and Casino Royale #2. I always respect Sir Sean Connery for being the original, grew up with Roger Moore, preferred Pierce Brosnan to Timothy Dalton (both being easier on the eyes than Roger), but finally fell in love with Bond when they cast Daniel Craig. Let’s face it. I think Cowboys and Aliens (not a Bond film of course) was a so-so movie except for Daniel Craig as eye-candy. And I’m perfectly okay with that. And it’s not that Daniel Craig is “perfect” looking (his ears stick out a bit and he’s not very tall by Hollywood standards), but I think that’s what I love about him. Plus we’re the same age, so I don’t feel like I have some age-inappropriate crush thing going on.


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