All Saint’s Day

Nope, Danica- Sorry, I’m no talking about the New Orleans’ Saints today but the Christian holiday of All Saints Day. This day was also called All Hallows Day at one time and thus, the night before, or All Hallows Eve, got slurred into Hallow’een and then to Halloween (which was yesterday for those of you who may have been on another planet and missed it).

All Saint’s Day is the day to celebrate all the deceased in Heaven. I’m not Catholic so don’t hold me to any of this as I didn’t learn all the intricacies of the religion, but I believe November 2nd is All Souls Day which is a day of prayer for all who have died and haven’t made it to heaven yet- something about purgatory. I’m a Methodist and our belief system doesn’t have a place called purgatory so I will defer to the Catholics on that. We Methodists do celebrate the dead on the first Sunday in November- saints and laity as well. But, I don’t want to get into a religious discussion so I’m gonna stop talking now and wish you all a nice All Saints Day today and a great All Souls Day tomorrow. 

And just for you, Danica. Here’s a New Orleans Saint.


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14 Responses to All Saint’s Day

  1. It isn’t a hard concept,Jillian. Catholics just figure that ‘ain’t nobody perfect’ and one would probably have to be in nice, shiny order to see the face of God. The Old Testament has references to prayers and sacrifices for the dead, and after all, I think just about every funeral everywhere has people praying for their dead. There are other names of places of ‘purification’, [Purgatory],in other religions and denominations, including the concept of people coming out of Hell, (but we’re not buying that!)
    Catholics believe that those who have made it to Heaven have a better chance of God answering their prayers, (the ‘intercession of the saints’). We don’t ,or aren’t supposed to be, actually ‘praying to a saint’, just praying that the saint will pray for us. The Catholic Church is a bit cautious of saying whom they KNOW have gotten to Heaven, hence the ‘canonization process’; they are looking for ‘proof’. However, they also know that they have no idea how many others are there, and so they declared an All Saints Day; everyone who made it has a day. All Souls Day is to cover those who have died, but are still getting their halos fitted.
    I don’t think that our beliefs are as far apart as many would suppose, underneath the variances, our bible-based beliefs are fundamental in Christianity.
    BTW: my father’s brother was a Methodist minister, highly decorated during WWII as a chaplain.


    • Thanks for the clarification, Tonette. I knew someone would be much better versed in this than me. I love that there are 2 days to celebrate those who have gone before us.

      Awesome about your uncle. I admire all those who faced the enemy to make us safe at home. Chaplains were much needed over there- still are.


    • jeff7salter says:

      Interesting info, Tonette. First time I’ve heard it explained so succinctly.


  2. danicaavet says:

    Ah, Deuce…we probably would’ve won Sunday’s game if he hadn’t retired. *sniffs for the retired Saints* I grew up Catholic, did the whole confirmation thing, but I barely remember the things I learned. I’ll have to save everything else I have to say for tomorrow though so I have something to write about, LOL


  3. jeff7salter says:

    So, Jillian, why is # 26 running without a HELMET? Could be hazardous, I’d think.


  4. Lavada Dee says:

    Happy day after Halloween. We didn’t get even one tricker treater. No surprise as we’re a tad off the road. Sob, now we’ll have to eat all the goodies we bought for just in case. 🙂


  5. Micki Gibson says:

    Is that what All Saints Day is about? I thought it was a celebration of those dieters who didn’t eat any of their kids’ loot and resisted going into Target today to buy all the half-priced orthodontic nightmare candy. (jk)


  6. Probably closer to reality for most people…funny!


  7. Laurie Ryan says:

    We got about 12 trick or treaters. That’s about double our norm, since there’s some distance between houses where we live. So WHY did my husband buy so much candy? Ugh!

    Thanks for the reminder about All Soul’s Day. I’m taking a moment to say “hey” to the folks I miss having around.


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