The Incredible, Collapsing Jillian

Sorry my post is late. I’m usually doing my posts on Sunday night but for some reason, the weekend got away from me and yesterday was most definitely a full moon kind of day. I heard from people I hadn’t heard from in six months to a year and they all wanted something. We also are starting the judging of our chapter contest and that involved like 785 emails between the committee members (yes, a slight exaggeration- but only slight). To top it off, I’m the chairman of our writer’s conference that occurs in March. (By the way, if anyone wants to send promo stuff for the goodie room or the tote bags, let me know and I’ll get you an address.) So, I’m working on getting flights, etc for the agents and editors coming. AND I also have a real job where my annual reports are due to the court. There are over 300 of them. Busy much, Jillian? Lol

And, oh yeah, it was also release day for Snowbound Hearts from Still Moments Publishing and I have a story in it. That was fun and exciting. I have a post about that on my website today.

Anyway, last night I vowed I’d edit one chapter of the book I have to turn in by April. But, noooo, I had to go and get an idea for a new story, soooo I wrote about 1000 words in it and then it was time to collapse and watch Castle.

What did you do yesterday?

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18 Responses to The Incredible, Collapsing Jillian

  1. Liv Rancourt says:

    Not nearly as much as you did! I slept off my 24-hour call shift and hauled kids around. Does that count?
    Congrats again on Snowbound Hearts. Am still pondering your beach photos…


  2. Lavada Dee says:

    Oh My Gosh Jillian. I want to start a new story but I absolutely have forewarned myself that I have to get what I’ve already started done first. Now see if I can stick to it.

    Yesterday was getting my nails and toes done for the trip. They were a mess. The toes I don’t usually worry about in the winter but it is going to be sandal wearing in the Dominican Republic so had do something. Then some cleaning, I hate leaving the house messy and coming back to it. And some pre-packing and getting the laptop set up to go. But I don’t work out of the house anymore thank heavens. I remember working up until the last day so I didn’t waste vacation time getting ready and having 3 kids to get ready to go too.

    Good for you taking the time to watch Castle. I’m taking a cue from Laurie and easing back into enjoying the evenings with family, Tv, and much neglected husband.


    • I didn’t intend to start a new one- LOL! It’s gonna be short, though.

      I can’t wait to see pics of the Dom. Rep. when you get back. So excited for you for the trip. I love that you clean before you go. Good idea. Sounds like you had a productive day.

      Yeah, there are a couple of shows I like and I was glad to rest an hour and veg out – the spouse was tied up with the BAMA game and locked away since he makes too much noise “coaching” them when they play. We make him go to the back of the house and shut the door AND we can still hear him.


  3. Take a breath, Jillian! You sound like the epitome of the over-achiever…nothing wrong with being a good achiever, mind you, just don’t burn out.
    People probably see you in the light of:”If you want somehting done, ask someone who is busy”, but there is a limit to everything.
    I had promised to leave the Christmas things up until “Little Christmas”, Sunday, and started putting things away. I had mulitudes of put-off errands, since I was alone. I received several packages including early b-day presents for my grandson that I had to hide. BUT,I also researched two possible venues and contacted a third, who seems highly interested, so it wasn’t a loss. Still , the daily duties call. Hang in there!


    • Thanks Tonette- You know, I DO know how to say no, but it seems like I sometimes get in way too deep or a lot of things come to a head at one time. Crazy how life runs like that. I have to confess all I did for Christmas decor this year was a tree with lights- no ornaments, just lights. I was shocked that the family let me get away with it. If my son in England had been home, he wouldn’t have stood for it. LOL!

      Sounds like you had a productive Monday. I’m glad.


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    Okay. Take a deep breath. You can do this. Well, you can do this if you DON’T start a NEW story. Yikes! lol. Survive, k?


  5. danicaavet says:

    Lots going on, but I know you can handle it. And the conference is going to be spectacular! 🙂


  6. jeff7salter says:

    I went to the Y, took a nap, watched LSU get completely demolished in the BCS championship game, and piddled on e-mail & FB. There ight have been some other things, but nothing worthy of note.
    And no new writing!


  7. Micki Gibson says:

    Does the fact that it’s now Thursday tell you something about how my week has been going? I freely admit to being Facebook addicted, but the only reason I’ve been on there the past two days is to send someone a message and the only way I know to contact them is through FB! Hoping for a big breather today because Lord knows we both need one!


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