Yes, I’m horribly late with my post, but it’s been crazy world where I am. I have this thing called a job, but I also am the idiot who got conned into being the chairman of a writer’s conference. Someone should have gone ahead and shot me way back in 201o when I got conned into that. I’m just sayin’.

So, theme of the week is Snow Movies and I’ve picked a little known gem called Snow Cake. Those of you who know me well will know how I stumbled upon this one.

Anyway, it’s about a man who picks up a young girl hitchhiker in the snow in order to help her get home. They are in an accident and the girl is killed. Feeling very guilty, he journeys to her home to apologize to her mother.

Her mother happens to have autism. This is a beautiful story of how this man enters the woman’s life and  helps her to celebrate the life of her daughter as well as heal his own past wounds.  I recommend it highly. Sigourney Weaver is spectacular in her role as the autistic woman and of course, Alan Rickman is superb!

Here’s the trailer:

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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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22 Responses to Snowcake

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    Wow. Powerful. Looks like a must see. Thanks for the recommendation, Jillian. When’s the conference, by the way? I’m curious when you’ll be able to breathe again. 🙂


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Sounds like a real tear-jerker.
    When I was a kid, my brother and I would call movies like this a “cry all night” movie.
    Am I right?


  3. Lavada Dee says:

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of it but just added it to my Netflix queue. Thanks for the info on it.


  4. Yep, me too; I will look for it on Netflix. (There is more wrong with Sigourney than aurism if she threatens to shoot Alan! My bad!)
    Have you seen him in ‘Bottle Shock’? He is always so wonderful.
    Thanks for the cue….now, don’t burn yourself out,Jillian.


    • I know, right? How dare she want to shit our man? Lol. Yes, I have seen him in Bottle Shock. I own every movie he’s ever been in. Love, love him.

      I’m not burning myself out. People are trying to kill me. Truly. Hehe


  5. Lindsay says:

    Nay, this isn’ tthe kind of movie that appeals to me


  6. Turber says:

    I love Snow Cake and if a movie ever deserved an Oscar it is this one.
    My favorite line was: “There is something in the freezer for you.”
    It is such a precious gem, and yes I’m sad that Alan wasn’t even nominated for the Oscars this year.
    I think I found a way to cope though, my 10-Step-Get-Well-Soon-Program helped a lot. 🙂


  7. Maybe we need to start a support group…anti-fan club thing! I think an Alan-thon would be like going on a binge, right?Wait…I am confused…are we fighting our Alan cravings or giving in? I vote for giving in! Maybe we can all go stalk him sometime!


  8. Micki Gibson says:

    Count me in with those adding it to the To Be Watched queue! But only after I get all those contest entries read. (Yeah, I have that same SUCKER branded on my forehead too when it comes to volunteering for things.)


    • I didn’t volunteer, Micki, I was drafted. With lots of promises of help that never came through. And some of those people are the ones giving me angst. Lol.

      Def watch it. I can let you borrow my copy if you want.


  9. The Ten-Step Program is going to be appreciated by several other gals I know, as well…love it!


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