Breakfast with Hermione Granger

Confession time.  You know how in school we had to read all those books like Moby Dick and The Scarlet Letter and Catcher in the Rye and Slaughterhouse Five and a whole bunch of others that I don’t remember the names of?  Also that rule about not ending a sentence with a preposition?  I Cliff Noted my way through high school.  Of course I actually read some parts of the actual book.  I mean, come on.  If I’ve got to do some reading ie. Cliff Notes, I might as well actually read the book.  Anyhow, it’s been mumble mumble years since I had to read that stuff and I didn’t really like many of those characters in the first place.  (Don’t even get me started on Hester Prynne or her long-winded author.)  Picking a favorite literary character and discuss something with them had me a little worried.  And then I thought, “Wait a minute!  I share my real birthday with that of a pretty cool gal and I’ve got questions for her.”

So if you don’t have a clue who Hermione Granger is, you are now assigned to read all seven of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.  And watch the movies in case you want to “Cliff Note” your way through it.

Several years back when I first got hooked on the Harry Potter books, some of my students told me about  I had to fuss at them the next class because I’d had papers to grade but instead spent countless hours on that website.  Well, I discovered that Hermione’s birthday is also mine, September 19.  Which really is no surprise that she’s a Virgo.  She is a little OCD like so many Virgos.  Not me, though.  She’s also quite bossy.  Another Virgo trait, again not one that I have.  So, if I were to meet with Hermione (or even her film proxy, Emma Watson), it would most definitely be over breakfast.  Couldn’t you hear her telling Harry and Ron, “After all, it IS the most important meal of the day.  I read it in Hogwarts, A History.”  Plus, she’d be awesome at keeping my cup from ever getting empty, no waitress necessary.  “Accio, coffee!”

One thing I’d ask her is if the wizarding world actually followed the same zodiac signs.  What if they didn’t have Virgos and Aquarians and Capricorns?  What if they used the characters Ms. Rowling created like Hippogiffs or Grindylocks (not to be confused with Goldilocks)?

And then there’s that whole dropping out of Hogwarts issue to help Harry find and destroy all the Horcruxes.  Did she ever go back?  The school was pretty damaged, so it may have been closed for a while.  Did she graduate via some kind of correspondence course?  Did she receive her W.A.N.D?  (Wizards Achieving/No Degree – I have to give my friend Randi credit for that idea and acronym.)  I’d bet she’d be the founder of some program like that.

I’d also ask her about having Mr. Weasely as her father-in-law.  Since he loves all the muggle stuff and Hermione’s parents are muggles, she must be a dream daughter-in-law for him.  Though, I could imagine Hermione might become a little agitated with all the questions all the time.  And what do wizards and witches think of our internet?  Do they have Facebook pages and do they Twitter much?  Is there a cost for sending stuff by owl post?  And what do they call it if someone goes “postal”?  And probably in true Hermione fashion, there’d probably be a groan along with her telling me where I could find such information, but she’d still give me the answers because she knows them.

What questions would you ask Hermione?  (Don’t ask Ron because we know he’d shrug and tell us to ask Hermione.  Harry?  He’d probably use “Expelliarmous” on us.  It’s a good all purpose spell.  Good enough to defeat You Know Who.)


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16 Responses to Breakfast with Hermione Granger

  1. tonettejoyce says:

    Here I am with a boatload of ideas and stories, but The-Powers-That-Be keep making me stretch my wings here,(which is sooooo good for me;THANK YOU!) I have been in a bit of a tizzy over this week’s topic and once again, glad I am The Friday Fox so I can feel my way through the rest of the postings.
    Micki, to quote Ron,”This is bloody brilliant!” I love your choice here, and I LOVE W.A.N.D.! I think you have great q’s for Hermione. I would also like to ask about her parents…did she ever see them again and did they know her? In other words, was the ‘Obliviate’ spell she cast on them reversible? That is so sad to me.
    (btw, my father’s b-day was Sept.19)


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Ah yes, I also wondered about her parents and if there was a way to reverse the obliviate spell. My guess is that would have been the subject of a graduate thesis for Hermione. Or it’s her life’s work. And happy belated birthday to your dad as well!


  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    I’ll ask her how she handles so many subjects…. but I think it would be more fun to ask Fred and George questions..


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Good question. I suspect the time turner from Prizoner of Azkaban really wore her down so we didn’t see it in the later books. Just don’t drink anything if you ask the twins questions. You’d be sure to have something coming out of your nose. The question would be whether it was from something you were drinking or if it was some spell they cast on you. Probably the result of one of their joke shop products. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Enjoyed the post, Micki.
    Haven’t read any of the Potter books or seen any (but a few mins of one) of the Potter movies, but I like your approach to the interrogatories for that wizard world.
    Now, if I could see a Cliff Notes version of the entire Potter dynasty, maybe I’d know who those characters were that you named.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Haven’t. Read. Any? *GASP!* It’s okay, I’ll forgive you. I bet the grandkids could school you on them (books and/or movies). That might be the closest you get to a Cliff Notes version. Of course now they’re called “Spark Notes”. Instead of the little yellow pamplets, they’re blue I think.


  4. I agree about Fred and George. They are adorable. But, dang, Micki- I think you have more questions than Mr. Weasley. Poor Hermiione’s head would be spinning!

    Cute post!


  5. tonettejoyce says:

    Me, too,Micki! Every test I took online as to “Who would be your date to the Ball”,I got Ron…my sister niece and daughter-in-law got the likes of Cedric and Viktor. Gotta love Ron.
    What are we going to do with Jeff, though? You don’t know what you’re missing,Mr.Salter.
    {Thanks anyway,Micki; but my father has been gone for a long time).
    BTW, I have taken quite a few Sorting Hat tests and always get put into Ravenclaw.


  6. Hermione’s parents knew she was a witch. Remember she even gave them some type of self-flossing dental floss for Christmas? I’d like some of that stuff. And isn’t the cost for owl delivery like a knut or something? I seem to remember Harry having to pay at school in one of the earlier books. I’d like to ask Hermione what became of Professor Umbridge, and I hope it was something terribly discomforting. Was really hoping to see something land on her in that last movie. Also, I’d like to ask to borrow Hogwarts, A History. I’d read it.
    Your post caught my eye, Micki. I try to keep up on HP Trivia, I have a twelve year old nephew who demands it. Yeah. That’s why I do it.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      It’s been a while since I’ve read the books, but now I want to go back to them. Especially when someone remembers the tiniest detail that makes me go, “Oh yeah! Now I remember!” Stephanie, you are more than welcome to join me in my imaginary breakfast with Hermione. Thanks for stopping by!


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