Book Review: The Joke’s On Me

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Stand-up comic Frankie Goldberg’s Hollywood life falls apart with an exclamation point when a mudslide destroys her hopes, her home, and her entire collection of impractical footwear. She returns to her mother’s B&B in Woodstock, New York, expecting the comfort that home once provided, but continually finds that the joke’s on her. In Frankie’s absence, some things have changed—and some, to her dismay, are exactly as she’d left them. A lighthearted-but-serious romantic comedy about love, trust, second chances, squabbling sisters, and baseball.

My Review:

Can you really go home again? Frankie Goldberg thinks she can. She’s been in Hollywood for a long time, and in her mind home is just as she left it. Some things are, but a great deal isn’t, including that her mother is in a nursing home and doesn’t recognize her, and her big sister is turning the B&B into an aging hippie, tree lover paradise complete with incense sticks and nude workshops. Her teenage crush is still there too after he lost his job in major league baseball.

So not only is her career in Hollywood over, she has to cope with memories of her parents and sister whom she doesn’t get along with, deal with the resurgence of old feelings for her teen crush, and deal with secrets that come to light.

I liked the characters, and I liked the story as well. You might recognize both in people you’ve known. The book is charming, entertaining, and sometimes true to life. It’s a first novel for the author, and I have to say I think she did a great job.

About Elaine Cantrell

Elaine Cantrell was born and raised in South Carolina. She has a Master’s Degree in Personnel Services from Clemson University and is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary sorority for women educators. She is also a member of Romance Writers of America. Her first novel A New Leaf was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest and was published in 2004 by Oak Tree Press. When she isn't writing you can find Elaine playing with her dog or maybe collecting more vintage Christmas ornaments
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7 Responses to Book Review: The Joke’s On Me

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    Sounds like this author has packed a lot into her story — something for nearly everyone.

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  2. Sounds like a fun read, Elaine. There is another series where a young-ish woman leave Hollywood and goes home, but the rest is no where near the same.I suppose that idea has many facets on which to draw., and I am glad to see that they aren’t the same, (despite the fact that I enjoyed the other. Now, who wrote the other and what was that series???LOL!)


  3. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Love the premise! I bought the book, so I hope to enjoy it soon. Thanks for the recommendation!


  4. trishafaye says:

    Sounds like a fun story. Thanks for the review.


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