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Words to Warm My Heart

This week’s topic was one that I proposed: “What are the nicest or most inspiring things people have said or written about your writing? How did it affect you?” When I first started writing and blogging, I had a few … Continue reading

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Traveling Buddies

This week, our resident hound put forth an intriguing hypothetical question: You’re stuck in a minivan, for a LOOOONNNNGGG road-trip and you can’t drive. Which three people (living or dead, famous or not) would you prefer to travel with? The … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name Is…

This week’s topic is a real challenge. I spend my time dreaming up stories about imaginary people, although sometimes real people make appearances. Putting myself into a story is something I’ve never thought to do. But our resident hound is … Continue reading

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Living in a Grownup World – Through Books

It’s been a long time since I was a child, but I remember well the first time I got lost in a story. My elementary school teachers read books aloud to us, as most good teachers do. This enables children … Continue reading

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Lazy Days of Summer?

What happened to Summer Vacation for schoolkids? When I was in elementary school, (1st-6th grades), we felt free when school was out. And we were out until the first business day after Labor Day, (which, before the Monday Holiday Bill, … Continue reading

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The Time (one of many) That I Scared Myself Senseless For No Reason

Yes, I love being a writer. I love thinking up stories and scenarios and one of my favorite sayings is, “If the story gets boring, add a dead body.” This thing I love can also be my biggest enemy as … Continue reading

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The Birth of A Story

Um, so…I don’t have children. I have absolutely no experience with labor except for the time I was born and I don’t exactly recall anything about it. My mother assures me it was horrible. Thirty-six hours in labor, blah, blah, blah. I’ve … Continue reading

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