Okay, Don’t Kill Me For This

I’m not a fan of mother’s day at all. I think it’s a shame that we have one day set aside to treasure the women in our lives. Shouldn’t we be celebrating all the wonderful women who have blessed our lives every day? I have had some pretty amazing women in my life- including grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts and older friends. For the ones who are still here, I make sure to let them know I love them every time I see them. I may call them out of the blue and treat them to dinner or send them a goodie package as a surprise.

The ones that are no longer here, I miss every day and I like to think that they know that. I’ve been very, very lucky to have a lot of people love me (sometimes I wonder how that happened) and I want to use each and every day to let them know how much I appreciate them and how happy I am that they took me into their hearts and made my life richer.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t need a Hallmark holiday to tell my people that they mean a lot to me. Now, that being said, my own mother will expect a gift and we’ll have lunch (treated by my dad). I usually get my mother a happy new spring outfit, but I also pop into the book store periodically and pick her up one of those Amish books she likes to read and sometimes I bring her some of her favorite candy just because I was in the store and thought of her.

What I’m saying is, treasure the people in your life every day! Every day!!!


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11 Responses to Okay, Don’t Kill Me For This

  1. I agree whole-heartedly! Believe me,I’d rather a little consideration and sign that they appreciate things I do throughout the year than stress out all year and get flowers or a gift in May…and it isn’t fair to those who sometimes do the care, real care of and for children to have an absent, cruel or indifferent mother to find her being all gushed at .I am OK; I know my daughter-in -law and my EX-daughter -in -law appreciate, but I know a lot of women who don’t deserve the title of Mother or the celebration of the Day, yet, they seem to be the ones who expect it the most.
    I know a few Dads who are more Moms than many Moms ever will be.Father’s Day just doen’t do it for them as far as I’m concerned.
    And hey. can American Greetings get a plug?(My husband works for them. LOL)


    • You’re right, Tonette. There are many mothers who don’t take care of their children and expect a big deal to be made of them on that one day of the year. I also think about the women who want to be mothers and can’t or the people who have lost their mothers to death.This has to be hard for them. I was talking to a friend today about the flowers they give out at church to the moms- while I think it’s a nice sentiment, there are a lot of the women who don’t receive and that is sad.

      Yes, Here’s a shout out to American Greetings!!!


  2. Laurie Ryan says:

    While I agree in spirit, and have loving children who show their appreciation, I also LIKE having a day set aside that I can do or say whatever I want and NO ONE will argue with me. lol
    It’s also a great excuse for a family brunch. Mimosas, anyone? We’ll be at my brother and sister-in-law’s this Sunday, celebrating our mother and each other.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Jillian and everyone!


  3. Micki Gibson says:

    No arguments from me here either. I just talked to my own mom today. She got her present early of which she knew about part of it. The other? Well she gushed about what a sweet surprise it was. I think my favorite mom’s day though was 2005 when we didn’t do some high-falutin, overpriced brunch. She came over to my house in the morning and we ran/walked to Panera bread (2.5 miles the short way and 3.5 miles the long way) for our breakfast. These days I might be inclined to call it torture, but we were training for a half marathon then and it was so nice to have that uninterrupted time to talk…except when we were huffing and puffing.


    • That sounds like a wonderful mom’s day with your mother, Micki. I’m glad you have that great memory. And I’m glad she liked her this year gift. AND early is good, since every day is a day to celebrate.


  4. jeff7salter says:

    wonderful sentiment … beautifully expressed.
    I agree with you.
    Sorry I’m a day late. Don’t know what happened to yesterday.


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