Thanksgiving = Thanks + Giving

Yeah, as one of my law school professors liked to tell some of the students (never me), that title above means I have a “keen sense of the obvious” but no matter how obvious, it is nice to stop and think about all the wonderful things we should be thankful for in this life. We all know the standard family, friends, health and a roof over our heads but what about some odder things? I have a few things that I’m always thanking God as well as inventors for and by inventors, I also mean cooks and other creative folks.

For instance, I’m grateful for those cavemen (not the Geico ones) who first came up with the written word- even though they were pictographs. It was nice of them to create that for us.

I’m also eternally grateful for the person who first decided boiling an egg was a good idea and then decided adding a bit of mayo and mustard to make deviled eggs was an even better idea.

What about the man/woman who first thought of clothes? To keep us warm and cozy in the cold? I love that someone somewhere decided fabric could be made from wool off some sheep and thus help us survive. Let’s not talk about the poor, cold sheep though, okay?

One other odd thing I add to my list of thanks this week is thanks to Al Gore for inventing the internet so I can make y’all read this drivel. Wait. What? What do you mean that wasn’t Al Gore?

What weird and off the wall thing are you grateful to have in your life?


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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19 Responses to Thanksgiving = Thanks + Giving

  1. Micki Gibson says:

    I’m thankful for parents. Not just any parents, but particularly Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Bongiovi (yes, I’m aware that’s how Jon’s birthname is spelled), and I’m quite sure you’d agree that you’re quite thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Rickman. I think our dear friend Arabella Stokes would insist that we be grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Firth. Without those fine folks, we wouldn’t be blessed with the opportunity to gaze upon their handsome sons (Chris and Liam, Daniel, Jon, Alan, and Colin). Okay. Fine. I’m thankful for my parents too. And for my eyesight so that I may gaze upon those too-fine-for-words men.


  2. Not off the wall, but I sure am grateful to find other thinking people here.You are the only person I have ever encountered who gave a thought to the invention of clothes.People are so arrogant to assume that our ancestors were idle-brained, but what genius had the thought of taking a fiber from a plant,or , as you said, wool off of an animal, spinning it into thread and weaving it into cloth? That took about as much brains and initiative as creating a microchip as far as i am concerned.
    Yep, as I said in reply to Micki’s post,I’m grateful for all of you.
    [And Micki added more today, she hit some of my favorites…all you have to do is say “Liam”, LOL!]


  3. jeff salter says:

    Okay … to return to the off-beat aspects, I’m thankful for:
    * nails & screws (without which houses would just be components heaped on other components)
    * Phillips screws & screwdrivers (because I always strip the heads of ‘standard’ screws)
    * motorized vehicles (& the gas combustion engine in particular) … because it would be a drag to commute to work on a donkey
    * harnessing of electricity (so we have lights, heat, powered appliances, etc).
    * indoor plumbing (because I have had to use a privvy a few times … and it’s a drag)
    I’ll think of some more later


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    Okay, way too late in the day to come up with off the wall stuff for me. (Although I do have to side with Jeff on the whole indoor plumbing thing). So I’ll just say I’m thankful for every person who has impacted my life in good ways, including you! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!


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