Winter Wonderland. Not.

I think the majority of us here on Four Foxes, One Hound are from the south.

I’m no exception. For me, the best part of the year is around November because that’s usually when the cooler weather heads our way. When you spend seven of the year trying to figure out creative ways to cool off because the temperatures are hot enough to melt the skin from your bones, you tend to appreciate every cool snap that comes your way. I’m not saying I want several feet of snow or anything, but how un-festive is it to wear shorts at Christmas? To be wearing flip-flops while the rest of the country is bundled up in parkas? Yeah, try getting in the Christmas spirit then.

Maybe Hollywood has ruined us, but for me it doesn’t feel like Christmas unless it’s at least fifty degrees outside. Now. When I was a kid I loved warm Decembers because it meant I could take my brand new toys outside and play with them. I’m older now and I want to see that almost alien landscape of trees bare of leaves, to see snow on the ground. To go absolutely insane when it falls and instigate a snowball fight with my siblings.

So yes, I love winter. I love not sweating for a few months every time I step outside. I love knowing my deodorant will last longer than usual because of my lack of sweat. I like burrowing under my covers because it’s too chilly to get out of bed. I love going outside at night and walking over the frost-crusted ground, listening to it crunch beneath my feet. And I love the anticipation of watching the weather to see “Is this going to be the year we get snow?”

About danicaavet

Danica Avet lives and writes in the wilds of South Louisiana. Unmarried with no children, she's the proud pet of two cats and a dog. With a BA in History, she decided there were enough fry cooks in the world and tried her hand at writing. Danica loves losing herself in the antics of her characters and blushes more often than not at the things they do. She likes to define her work as paranormal romance with a touch of Cajun spice, but most times her characters turn the notch up to "five-alarm fire"!
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6 Responses to Winter Wonderland. Not.

  1. Stacy McKitrick says:

    I grew up in Southern California and always dreamed of snow. Now I live in Ohio and wish I were back in California!! Snow may be pretty, but it’s COLD!!! Not to mention – a lot of work. I’m not looking forward to the storm we got headed our way tomorrow. Brrr!


  2. I remember snow crunching under our winter boots; I’m originally from Detroit but have lived in SoCal since high school. For us, winter means rain! We can drive to the snow and that’s fun, too. Great post.


  3. Well, looks like it will be me to bring the cold in at 4Foxes,1Hound! Although this year in KY it is warm again,I’ve been where it is COLD, so I will do my best to bring a chill in here Friday,( hopefully, with a warm heart!)


  4. jeff7salter says:

    You have my sympathy, Cajun Fox. I lived in Louisiana from 1st gr thru 12th gr (minus one yr in Iowa). Then another 18 mos. or so. Then nearly 32 yrs more. Hold on while I put that on a calculator. Oh well, my point is: In So. LA, your sweat can sweat.
    And yes, on those rare days it DOES snow (about 1 day every 3 yrs), most schools & many work entities shut down.
    Drivers in LA act like young Bambi on the frozen pond for the first time. It’s ridiculous.


  5. I am with you on all you said. yep, yep, yep. It’s too muggy here for Christmas. UGH!!


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