Lisa’s Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

My dear friend from high school, Lisa Gaylord Everett, is a superstar friend and I love her dearly. Not only is she fun to be around and a true and loyal person, she can cook!! Here’s her easy peasy, yummy peanut butter pie recipe. Try it. It’s fab! Utterly fab!

4 ounces of cream cheese, and 1 cup of confectioners sugar, beat together well with mixer, beat in 3/4 cup chunky peanut butter and mix until completely combined. carefully beat in 8 oz cool whip. be careful not to overwhip, just until it is blended. scoop into a graham cracker crust and refrigerate at least four hours prior to serving.

I bet even Iris who says she burns water can do this one. Let me know if you try it girl!

My only regret is that I don’t have a picture of one. Well, no, my only REAL regret is I don’t have one right this instant to eat.


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17 Responses to Lisa’s Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

  1. jeff7salter says:

    peanut butter pie?
    No jelly involved?


  2. I KNEW I belonged with you people! I had my husband laughing with the lines:”Thou shalt not mix peanut butter with jelly” and “Mix not the peanut butter with the chocolate;it is an abomination to me”. I like them all , but not together.I feared I was a lone wolf on this.
    Maybe despite what my sister has always told me, I am not a Martian.


  3. Iris B says:

    ‘tick’ – Peanut butter’s on the shopping list
    ‘tick’ – no allergies
    ‘tick’ – girls are happy to help!
    ….. we’re good to go 😉


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    Mmmmm, I will have to try this. Double bonus, I might even be able to modify it for the gluten-free kiddo in the house. AND…it’s so easy even Micki can do it. (Didn’t want to tick off those Geico cavemen.)


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