I am breaking ranks, people.  We’re supposed to talk about Memorial Day and instead of rehashing whatever I babbled about last year, I’m talking about something different.  Don’t know what because this Wednesday snuck right up on me and thanks to a little reminder on my cell phone, I’m here.  (I set that baby since I’ve been quite the slacker this year with respect to this blog.)

Memorial Day came and went pretty quietly.  Since I’m married to a military man, I feel guilty if I don’t stop to remember what the day off is for and instead spend it getting fried at the beach.  So, I don’t.  I take a quiet moment in the morning hours of Memorial Day to remember those who gave their lives.  Having said that, I’ve often gotten sunburned on the preceeding Saturday and Sunday.

May tends to be a pretty chaotic month for me since I’ve got two kids with birthdays this month, not to mention that whole end of school thing.  Dance recitals, camp registration, vacation planning, etc…  Then, before summer has even begun, I’m already fretting over how quickly it’s going to pass by and I don’t even know what books the kids should have read for their summer reading!  Because that means August is coming and back to school shopping and HOLY COW!  Is that Christmas I see lurking around the corner?!  “Hey big boy in the red suit!  Keep your fanny hidden at least until the temperature drops below 80 and hurricane season is over!”

Seriously, where did May go?  What do you mean two of my three babies will be in high school in a few months?  I feel like George Jetson at the end of the theme song.  You know, where he’s on the space age treadmill with his trusty dog, Astro.  “Jane!  Stop this crazy thing!”  (Hope the link works!)

Have a great summer gang!


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  1. jeff7salter says:

    Used to enjoy that show (the Jetsons) though I never thought it was a clever as Flintstones … even though they shared the same basic plots.
    Sounds like your schedule is awfully hectic, Micki. You need to get some of those clones to take care of all that stuff so you can relax and write a bit.


  2. Iris B says:

    I’m tired just reading your post!!!!
    But I agree …. no idea where May’s gone, birthdays here as well, as two camps for #1 daughter … although we don’t have a “summer break’ coming up 😉
    You will need to stop once in a while … AND RELAX … let the world turn on its on for once … it’ll be chaos, but soon everyone will get used to it and pick up the pieces … trust me …. been there done that!


  3. I know, Micki; all is breezing by but you are wearing us out listening, for sure.
    Go ahead, break ranks.I am a bit at a loss myself.Memorial Day is all mixed-up with Veteran’s Day now,so I am rather at a loss.I don’t know how living ,(esp. active), military people feel about being honored on a day that is supposed to be for honoring those fallen in battle.
    Have a good time, anyway and hang in there…kids grow up incredibly quickly,(like our youths didn’t go fast enough????)


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