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One Whole Hour Extra

Gosh, What Would I Do With an Extra 60 Minutes? By Jeff Salter As has occasionally happened here at 4F1H, I find myself with a different interpretation of the scheduled topic. Where some of the resident Foxes viewed this assignment … Continue reading

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A Twenty-Five Hour Day

I’m often told that I pack a lot into a day. I have a lot of hobbies and interests, and my circle of family and friends is always expanding. I guess I’ve always been busy – my parents encouraged it … Continue reading

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Thank You,I’m Honored to Be Here

This week we are asked to speculate on the idea that if we were to gain so much notoriety by our writing that we merited a TV interview,  which talk show host would we like to do the honors? Tough … Continue reading

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Review:The Husband’s Secret

I like to support my local library and join in their activities. It is one of the very few places that has entered the twenty-first century in this town. It is progressive, totally integrated and welcoming of minorities, like me, … Continue reading

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“Free” Day ?

We were asked what we’d do with our ‘extra day’, this being a Leap Year; I wish it were that simple. My days don’t often go as planned. If I had all my ducks in a row and all the … Continue reading

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Two Minutes on an Elevator

…with a Big Five NYC Publishing Exec By Jeff Salter What if I had two minutes on an elevator [with an executive from one of the Big Five NYC publishing houses] to explain why they should produce my books? Well, … Continue reading

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Would You Read My Book…Please?

I like to meet people, and normally I’m not too shy to strike up a conversation. I’m even fairly comfortable speaking in front of groups, having spent many years teaching and conducting workshops. But trying to convince someone to like … Continue reading

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