Leave me alone, I’m writing.

As a child I had a variety of unrealistic career dreams. Thankfully, I was steered away from many of them. Some I tried and found they weren’t for me.
The first career I thought about was being a lawyer. This appealed to me because I was told you had to be smart and it required a lot of school. I liked school and did fairly well, then I realized being a lawyer required public speaking and arguing… in public. Not for me.
The next career I considered was being an art teacher. My sister in law is an art teacher and she was probably one of the coolest people I knew then. Teaching, however, required being confined in a room of 20-30 students and keeping their interest and keeping them on task. Somehow I veered away from this choice. Thinking about that situation now kicks in my flight response. I have managed a hour here and there in my children’s classrooms while their teachers are at lunches and I am counting the seconds. Being a teacher is not for me.
I also considered being an architect. I would draw floor plans during my free time in class. My sister said the houses would be too expensive because the bathrooms were not next to the kitchen.
My counselors suggested careers in the sciences. I did well in them theoretically. On paper, I could balance formulas and explain theories, etc. The lab was another story. Every experiment we did failed, even the one in the home ec kitchen where we made peanut brittle according to a chemical formula. I don’t remember what we ended up with, but it wasn’t edible.
As I left high school, I was thinking about writing text books. I understood chemistry and I liked to write, maybe I could put together engaging textbooks. I contemplated adding chemistry to my major.  Somehow I never did.
Secretly, I always thought it would be cool to be a writer. I loved the simplicity of putting ink on paper. I loved the idea of creating worlds and characters and decorating it all in wonderful colors and fabrics. Everywhere I went, I carried a book to read (just in case there’s some down time, even when I driving somewhere alone, you know what if there’s a traffic jam?) and a notebook. I didn’t write in the notebook very often, but having that ability there was comforting. Wouldn’t creating a novel be awesome?
I have spent some time in a few other occupations. I’ve done bookkeeping, cleaning (not my favorite), teaching (not bad if the class is interested, otherwise…), and being a librarian.
Being a librarian is a lot of fun. You get to spend all your time around books and you get to buy them and have a wonderful place to store them. Win-win!
But being a novelist is pretty cool. Someday I’ll feel like I can really call myself that.
The careers or jobs I’ve enjoyed usually involve solitary work and creativity.

About Joselyn

SAHM writing romance with at a case of the giggles. Former librarian. Avid reader. Runner.
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11 Responses to Leave me alone, I’m writing.

  1. jeff7salter says:

    so how did that peanut brittle taste?
    Like you, I entertained the notion of teaching school. I even went as far as taking education classes in college. But (like you) I later soured on the notion, though mine was more about all the bureaucracy and what I perceived as the jaded-ness of high school students (generally). These days, some schools are more like prisons or combat zones than they are about learning.
    I’m sure I’ve previously told you about my 30 yr career in libraries.
    But back to the writing biz… Hon, you already are a novelist. Didn’t you have two books with Avalon? And half a dozen more with Clean Reads?

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    • Joselyn says:

      I don’t it even made it to a tasteable state. They probably just threw the beakers away when we were done. 🙂

      I’ve had novels published, but it’s funny how quickly you feel like you lose the skill. It’s been two years since my last anything was published. Bigfoot is coming together though. It should be going out to someone soon.

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  2. I also briefly thought of becoming a lawyer but for a different reason. I loved to argue my point until others agreed with me. My brother first suggested it to me and I signed up for debate as soon as I got to high school. But I didn’t like the idea of that much college.

    You already are a novelist though I know at times it can feel like you are not. I look forward to your next release.

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  3. J.Q. Rose says:

    I loved learning about careers you almost had. LOL…I taught third grade, znc the kids taught me too. I never ever considered being a floral designer until my hubby decided he wanted to get into the floral business. Soo,now I get to do what I always wanted–write. BTW you ARE one heck of a novelist. Soooo looking forward to Bigfoot and Butterflies.

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  4. I also have a notebook I take on trips and tablets in my car which I almost never use any more.However, I used to write on my lunch breaks when I worked, in teeny, tiny tablets! I still find pages here and there with half-baked ideas.
    Two years is nothing between publications to me!

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  5. Patricia Kiyono says:

    I considered law for a few minutes, because I thought the female lawyers on TV looked mighty sharp. But I can’t argue my way out anything, so I gave up on that pretty quickly. I always loved being in a library, but I get tired of being quiet for long periods of time!

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    • Joselyn says:

      Our library tended to not be very quiet. There was always a buzz of activity. I probably should head over there to work more often. There’s probably just enough noise to keep me working rather than wondering what this or that ticking sound is.

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  7. Tess Grant says:

    I remember most of the majors I tried in college: communications, history, Spanish, Spanish and French, cultural anthropology. All I knew was that it wasn’t going to involve science or math. Surprise!! Forensic anthropology is heavy on both. 🙂

    And, yes, you are a novelist! And a prolific and good one too!!


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