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“May I Offer You a Sherry?”

“If you could be — even briefly — one of your OWN characters… which character would you be? Why? For how long?” That’s easy. The women in my free-style poems are in sad situations, or at least, bittersweet ones. One … Continue reading

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Guest Author: R. J. Fox

This week is scheduled for guest author spotlights. As vice-president of my local writers group, it’s my responsibility to seek out and arrange for speakers at our monthly meetings. Last year I read a notice about a presentation by Ann … Continue reading

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Thank You, Miss Seeley

We have another free week, and I had planned to tell you about another one of my groups of friends. Instead, I’m going to tell you about someone who had a great influence on my life. Last week I said … Continue reading

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When I Grow up…

This week we’ve been challenged to share our childhood dreams. I suppose I had the usual childhood fantasies about meeting Prince Charming and riding on a white horse up the mountain to a gleaming castle. I would never again be … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity

The topic this week is: Have you ever been mistaken for anyone else? and I can say,” Yes, many times”. Most of the time, I was mistaken for my sister. She’s seven years older than I am and we don’t … Continue reading

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Whoo-Whoo, End of School!

We are talking about memories of the last days of school. Mine were pretty much the same all through elementary school, which for me consisted of grades first through sixth. Almost no one I knew attended Kindergarten, which were all … Continue reading

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Car-ing, Not Caring

Open Week and I don’t have a guest, no stories or articles published recently,(want to see my newest rejection slip? It’s a badge of honor; I’m ‘out there’.) And I don’t want to talk about a work in progress. I … Continue reading

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