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After the Storm

In light of all the varied horrific weather events we’ve seen, here and abroad, in the recent past, I decided to dust off an older poem which (to me) captures a tiny slice of the experience one faces after the … Continue reading

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The COLD Truth

I love, love winter. I know, I live in Florida but it’s true. I adore, adore cold weather. I lived many of my formative years right outside Washington D.C. and there are truly changes of scenery there. We had nice … Continue reading

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The Sixth Grade Bus

My younger son never rode a school bus until the sixth grade. He went to elementary school at a time where I could drive him since he had to be there at 7:40 and I went to work at 8:00. … Continue reading

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Oooh, It’s Cold; No, it’s a Hurricane; No, it’s hail; Nope, it’s a Warm Sunny Day

Weather can indeed play an integral role in a plot. In fact, I just had a short story published in an anthology called Snowbound Hearts. My story is called Sophie’s Snow Day and the tag line is A snowstorm can … Continue reading

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Rock You Like A Hurricane

Nope, I’m not here to tell you about 80’s hair bands.  (Though I do have a particular fondness for that Scorpions’ hit that my alma mater loves to play at football games.  I freely admit to pumping up the volume … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Snow or Sleet

                  … A Tribute to First Responders (Among Others)                                                          By Jeff Salter              As I draft this, it’s pouring.  Well, off and on, but there has been rain of some type since the wee hours.  Forecast has it turning … Continue reading

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