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Another Year… Already?

Another Year… Already? By Jeff Salter In these retirement years my time is primarily occupied by writing, so I guess it’s expected (and hopefully permissible) for me to list what I’ve accomplished in that regard during 2014… and what I … Continue reading

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Another New Year Already?

By Jeff Salter  I don’t know where a year goes. When I still worked full-time, it seemed as though hours would last for days … and days could linger for weeks. Now that I’m retired, it seems like months zoom … Continue reading

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Sayonara 2012, Bon Jour 2013

2012 left much to be desired in my personal life.  Plenty of conflict, but I’d rather save that for my manuscripts than to be subject to some of the garbage I’ve had to deal with this year.  But with every … Continue reading

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Be It Therefore Resolved

                            … Not to take resolutions too seriously                                                         By Jeff Salter              I don’t think much about ‘new years’ resolutions, frankly.  At least I didn’t until this week when I’ve read three columns (so far) here on our group blog. … Continue reading

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Resolution Smesolution

Like our Tuesday Fox, Jillian, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I don’t believe in them. My philosophy has always been why wait until the beginning of the year to decide to do something I need to do anyway? It’s … Continue reading

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Resolutions- Or the Lack Thereof

I have a circular logic about resolutions. Many, many years ago, my new year’s resolution was never to make a new year’s resolution again. The reason? They always fail. So, is the fact that I resolved never to make a … Continue reading

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Not That Bad

Happy New Year! My first resolution for 2013 (yes, you read that right – 2013 – assuming that whole nasty Mayan prediction thing doesn’t pan out) is to decide on my new year’s resolutions before the new year gets here. … Continue reading

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