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Guest Author: Katherine Gilbert and Protecting the Dead

Last week I told you a bit about Protecting the Dead, the urban fantasy novel by debut author Katherine Gilbert. Katherine is a native of South Carolina, and since that’s one of the few US states I haven’t visited, we’ve only … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day !!

Let’s celebrate the Mothers of this world!

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Austen’s Pretty Limits

Something we’d like to discuss with a literary character? I do have one, burning question that repeats itself to me. And in trying to fit in with the romance writers here, I will tell it… But, first, some background,(and I’m … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Can Be Hot

So we’re talking about our favorite, hottest movies. Um, I don’t watch that many movies, honestly. And the books I read…well, let’s just say that there are too many really hot ones for me to pick out a favorite…although if … Continue reading

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We Salute You

Howdy folks, tis I, Danica Avet, your friendly Hump Day Fox. This week we’re honoring our men and women who’ve fallen in the line of duty. If you stop to think about it, that’s a very profound statement. Our armed … Continue reading

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Memorial Day – Heroes

I’m a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and my ancestor, Thomas Gresham was a member of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge. I’m proud to have had members of my family serve in the armed forces of this country … Continue reading

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The Quiet Hero…

Oh boy—What’s a hero to me? My mood on this changes every so often. Just depends on what’s going on in my life at the time, I think. Or what kinds of books and movies I’m reading and watching. I … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective on Heroism

A Different Perspective on Heroism By Jeff Salter  Over-Use and Distortion             First of all:  I believe the words ‘hero’ and ‘heroic’ have been over-used and their meanings have been greatly distorted in recent years.  In their search for heroes, … Continue reading

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My Hero

Ah, the hero *swoon* Okay, you’re right; I wouldn’t swoon, I’d leer. I can’t help it. It’s a prerequisite for dirty old ladydom. However, I do love a good hero. I’m going to list what I think a hero is … Continue reading

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My Favorite Austen Hero

Since Ms. Daisy did such an excellent job on outlining the attributes of a hero, I decided to compare and contrast a couple of heroes of Jane Austen’s world. I actually have a t-shirt that says Colonel Brandon > Mr. … Continue reading

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